Mental Health

Two Women TalkingMental health refers to a level of emotional or cognitive well-being. Achieving and maintaining a healthy mental state requires ongoing care of our physical, psychological, social and spiritual self. Establishing and maintaining a healthy balance is a life-long learning process. When we lose our personal balance, we place ourselves at risk for mental illness. Each person's self care is unique, so self awareness is imperative.

The Canadian Mental Health Association has

10 tips for Mental Health:

  • Build a healthy self-esteem
  • Receive as well as give
  • Create positive parenting and family relationships
  • Make friends who count
  • Figure out your priorities
  • Get involved
  • Learn to manage stress effectively
  • Cope with changes that affect you
  • Deal with your emotions
  • Have a spirituality to call your own

Mental Illness

Mental illness impacts one in every five Canadians, or six million people across the country. Mental illness such as depression, anxiety or bipolar, accounts for five of the ten leading causes of disability worldwide. Those who do not develop a mental illness themselves may be impacted by a close friend, family or co-worker who does. Help is available.

Getting Support

If you or someone you know would benefit from support, speak with your Physician or Nurse Practitioner. The Windsor Family Health Team is here to support you and meet your needs. There is a Registered Social Worker available at no cost to you. The Social Worker can provide you with counselling and therapy, referrals, information and answer any questions you may have. Mental Illness is treatable.

The Windsor Family Health Team also has partnering psychiatrist (Dr. Raj Basker) located on site for your convenience.


Crisis Management:

Community Crisis Centre of Windsor-Essex County

Distress Centre of Windsor

Self Help Links:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Self Help Resources

Check up from the neck up: Mood Disorders Association of Canada

Mental Health Help Line: Free Health Services Information


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